Great Is Thy Faithfulness

          PRAANAAYAAMA: I practise praanaayaama religiously for over tewnty years. While in service we had undergone a three-week course in pranaayaama in our office conducted by a guru.  He taught us theory and practice by lecture-cum demonstration.

Ever since learning it, I made it a point to practice daily in the morning. After my early morning prayer, I practise praanaayaama for about half an hour using different mudras. After this, I drink about one and a half litres of pure water. Prayer, praanaayaama and drinking pure water are the three essential ingredients of my life, which stand me in good stead..


I am in the habit of drinking pure ordinary water early in the morning, for the past over two decades. I have suggested this practice to many friends and relatives who have expressed their satisfaction in the improvement of their health.

The following article stands testimony to this fact:

                              DO NOT TREAT THIRST WITH MEDICINES

If you are of the view that you need drink water only when you are thirsty, you are wrong. You may think that water is “good” for your body. But do you think that water is essential to your well being? You may not know the simple truth that most of the diseases are caused by your body’s dehydration. You may not be aware of the fact what happens to the body when it does not receive its daily need of water. Please be very clear: the liquids you drink like coffee, tea, cola or any other “thirst-aid” are not water; nor does it serve the functions of water in your body. If the body does not receive its daily need of water the worst affected part of the body is the brain. The brain is 1/50th of the total body weight, but it receives 18-20 per cent of blood circulation.

Dr F. Batmanghelidj, Physician, Foundation for the Simple in Medicine, Virginia, USA, who has done extensive research for decades on human body’s water needs, says: “Currently practitioners of medicine are unaware of the many chemical roles of water in the body. Because dehydration eventually causes loss of some functions, the various sophisticated signals operators of the body’s water rationing programme during severe and lasting dehydration have been translated as indicators of unknown disease conditions of the body. This is the most basic mistake that has deviated clinical medicine”.

When these dehydration signals appear the body should be provided with water. But, instead, in most cases these signals are “silenced” with chemical products until diseases are born. We complicate the whole system by depriving water, simple, ordinary, cheap, drinking water, to the body. When more dehydration signals emanate from the body’s built-in systems, more and more chemicals are used with increased vigour and a point of no return is reached. The “disease’ will be named, which the common man will never understand.

The human body is composed of 25 per cent solid matter and 75 per cent water. Brain tissue is said to consist of 85 per cent water. It is left to our fertile imagination what happens to human body when adequate water is denied to it. Dr Batmanghelidj categorically tells us that all the human applied research has been directed toward identification some particular substance that can be held responsible for causing a disease. Accordingly all treatments are palliative and none seems to be curative except for bacterial infections and the use of antibiotics. He affirms that hypertension or high blood pressure is not cured; it is treated. Asthma is not cured and inhalers become a constant companion. Peptic ulcer is not cured; antacids are kept handy. Allergy is not cured, but always treated. What about the crippling and painful arthritis? It is also not cured. Dr Batmanghelidj claims that he has treated more than 3000 peptic ulcer sufferers with water alone. Clinically it became obvious that the condition resembled a “thirst disease”. Chronic dehydration is a disease producer. It is the root cause of most major degenerative diseases of the human body, the diseases whose cause was not clear until now.

In fact every function of the human body is monitored and hooked to the efficient flow of water. Therefore ensuring “water distribution” is the only way to make sure that not only adequate amount of water but also its transported elements like hormones, chemical messengers and nutrients first reach the more vital organs. “There are basically three stages to water regulation in the body in the different phases of life”, says Dr Batmanghelidj. One, the stage of life of a foetus in the uterus of the mother. Two, the phase of growth until full height is achieved, approximately between the ages of 18 and 25. Three, the phase of life from fully grown to the demise of the person. For the growth of foetus, water has to be provided by the mother. The transmitter for water intake is produced by the foetal tissue, which has its effect on the mother. So, beware, morning sickness of the mother is a thirst signal of both the foetus and the mother.

In view of the facts mentioned above chronic pains of the body that cannot be easily explained as injury or infections, should in the first place, without any iota of doubt, be interpreted as chronic water shortage in the area where pain is registered-a “local thirst”. Non-infectious recurring or chronic pains should be considered as indicators of body thirst. These chronic pains include dyspeptic pain, rheumatoid arthritis pain, anginal pain (heart pain on walking, or even at rest), low back pain, intermittent pain on walking, migraine and hang-over head aches, colitis pain and its associated constipation. Normally, water by itself will alleviate the condition. But what happens in the present-day dispensation? High potency medications and invasive diagnostic procedures are forced upon the body.

All these pains should be treated with a regular adjustment to a daily water intake. Before any pain-relieving medicines are administered a daily intake of not less than two and a half litres of water for a few days. Here a word of caution: if the chronic pain problem has persisted for many years, those who wish to test the pain relieving property of water should make sure their kidneys can make sufficient urine lest they should retain too much water in the body. It is also suggested to measure urine output to ensure that it is commensurate with the increased water intake.

Dr Batmanghelidj firmly believes that the primary cause of Alzheimer’s disease is chronic dehydration of brain. One of his medical friends who believed this started treating his brother having Alzheimer’s disease by forcing him to take more water daily. The result was very encouraging as the patient started recovering his memory. The improvement was noticeable within a few weeks. Colitis pain felt in the lower part of the abdomen, often associated with constipation is another thirst signal for the human body. A severe pain in the lower abdominal area is generally mistaken for appendicitis pain. In the absence of other distinguishing characteristics associated with appendicitis, the pain can be relived by administering two glasses of pure water.

Water is the cheapest form of medicine to a dehydrated body. Please try to increase your daily water intake. You can start the day with four to seven glasses of pure normal water. On the first day you may not be able to drink even four glasses. Don’t give up. Slow and steady wins the race, as the saying goes. Then half an hour before every meal take two glasses of water and avoid drinking water while taking meals. Take two or three glasses of water three hours after each meal. Finally why not “one for the bed?”. Before going to sleep have two or three glasses of water. Why not make a trial? After all it doesn’t cost much. And it has no side effects. Let us not knowingly dehydrate our body and create all complications to consume chemicals for “cure”. Let us find out for ourselves what wonders water can do to our body, although according to the high school Chemistry teacher “water is tasteless, odourless, and colourless” liquid. Don’t be under the wrong impression that you are always providing the needed water to your body!

                           GARLICA Miracle Healer bridging medicine and herbs

GARLIC has been known since ancient Biblical times (Num.11:5), as a staple food that provided remarkable preventive and healing properties. Worldwide research presented at the First World Conference on Garlic, Washington, D.C., July 1990, reinforced this knowledge, bringing to our attention the marvellous potential of garlic as a vital resource to our “Healing Power Within”. A wide range of health benefits were identified. These scientific revelations included how garlic lowers serum cholestrol, especially the LDL component called “bad cholestrol”, how it significantly and safely lowered blood pressure, how garlic improved circulation by reducing the “stickiness of the blood”, how garlic helped arthritis, and probably most important, how garlic potentiates the human immune system. Kyolic, the odourless, aged garlic extract known as “sociable garlic” was discovered to be even more potent because of the enhanced therapeutic activity.

Paavo Airola , considered as a leading authority on biological medicine, described garlic as “A much neglected wonder food, with amazing nutritional and medical properties, and the King of the vegetable kingdom.” His research of the world’s scientific literature confirms these facts: garlic was proven effective in treating allergies, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, cancer, diabetes and hypoglycaemia, fungus disease (candediasis), gastrointestinal disorders (colitis) and pulmonary diseases (asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia). It may seem impossible to believe, but these are the facts, and physicians have known about this miracle food for centuries.

We have always been intrigued with garlic because of its potential to enhance the immune system. Recent research indicates the trace minerals, germanium and selenium, both rich in garlic are extremely important in normal immune function. The unusual form of sulphur found in garlic, sulphydryl amino acid, is also known to enhance immunity.

Kyolic garlic is grown in volcanic soils that are saturated with these important substances and that is one reason for its effectiveness in many immune-deficient disorders. The ageing process further increases its potential, at the same time making Kyolic garlic odour free.

Kyolic and SGP (special garlic preparation) are the only aged garlic extracts available in the U.S. Nutrients formed during the ageing and cold-extraction process are precursors of sulphydryl compounds. These are very potent antioxidants that work against cell-damaging free radicals. SGP recently was the recipient of the Science and technology Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology of Japan, 1991.

Aged garlic extract has received patents or patents pending for use as an antioxidant, anti-tumour agent, immune enhancer, liver protective agent, anti-stress agent, acidophilus growth stimulant and an anti-fungal agent. Kyolic is available in tablet form, capsules and liquid.

Kyolic is the world’s most researched and scientifically documented garlic. Kyolic undergoes a special 20-month ageing process that enhances therapeutic properties beyond those of raw garlic. The ageing process transforms the oxidising action of raw garlic in to potent anti-oxidants. Kyolic is one of nature’s most potent immune boosters. Clinical studies of Kyolic in leading universities have been focused on its effect on heavy metals, melanoma, breast cancer, tumours, viruses, radiation, cardiovascular diseases, candida, benzopyrene (an air pollutant), aflatoxin, high cholestrol and cancer. Kyolic does not cure or kill, but activates healthy cells to defend and protect the body. Recently the National Cancer Institute (US) developed a $20.5 million programme to study the effect of medicinal plants including garlic. At long last, medical science is showing some humility toward the virtues of garlic.

                                                          ETERNAL YOUTH LAWS

Obey the following rules for wellness to keep your immune system functioning properly and working for you to prevent disease and put life in to your years and years in to your life.

Dietary wellness is the foundation for having a healthier, happier, more youthful life, and actually reversing disease. Do you really care enough about yourself to gain optimum health? Eternal Youth is your choice!

1. Healthy diet must be a life long endeavour
2. Digestion starts in the mouth, chew your food well
3. Avoid ice cold beverage and do not drink beverages with meals
4. Do not eat heavy foods upon arising or before retiring
5. Eat only when very hungry, then under-eat
6. Rest on the seventh day
7. Do not consume saturated fats
8. Consume only natural whole foods, as God intended
9. Avoid highly processed foods which overwork the organs
10. Avoid pre-cooked and processed food that destroy enzymes and nutrients
11. Consume 50 per cent raw “living” foods and extra fibre
12. Steam, broil or bake your foods and undercook vegetables
13. Omit white flour, white sugar, white rice, white salt and pepper
14. Cleanse your system periodically by fasting with fresh, pure juices
15. Consume foods free of toxic insecticides and chemicals
16. Avoid food with preservatives and additives
17. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, drugs, stress
18. Take quality multivitamin and mineral supplements daily
19. Drink six to eight glasses of pure mineral or steam-distilled water
20. Enjoy fresh air and sunshine daily
21. Exercise daily- include walking and stretching
22. Keep active mentally and physically
23. Maintain positive state of mind
24. Pray and be thankful for everything
25. Be grateful for what you are and where you are
26. Do not expect the impossible, set realistic goals and achieve them
27. Love your neighbour as yourself
28. Have faith in God